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The Mini-Mat for the Scor-Buddy is the same type of translucent Scor-Mat that we offer for the full size Scor-Pal, only small enough to fit the Scor-Buddy. It is 7" x 7". On one side is a self-healing cutting mat with 1/8th increments in white and inch markings in red. We recommend the use of a sharp craft knife rather than a rotary cutter. 

The other side is a shiny work surface. Zip Dry Glue and Scor-Tape can easily be removed from this surface. This is NOT a silicon backing. Do not apply direct heat from any source, such as a hot embossing gun or hot glue gun. 

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Date Added: 10/02/2012 by Molly Smith
I love this Mini-Mat and cannot believe how often I use it, and it has become a multi-purpose mat fo...