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SCOR-TAPE 1/4" Wide


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This is the most popular version of our Scor-Tape, the 1/4" width. Each roll contains 27 yards of premium, double-sided adhesive tape that is incredibly sticky, heat resistant and acid free.

Unlike other tapes, Scor-Tape is paper backed which means you can tear it with your thumb & finger. No need for scissors or blade. Being paper, the backing is eco-friendly. Please note that the product images above may not appear the proper width but this item is the 1/4" version.

CutAtHome has created a fantastic video describing how to use our Scor-Tape.

Scor-Tape Tutorial Video

Simply click the above image to watch in a pop-up box.

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Date Added: 12/10/2008 by Angela Jones
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Date Added: 02/27/2008 by Debbie Anstey
I really like my Scor-Pal. It is a great help. I have just used it for cards so far and will soon t...