3D Papercraft Tips

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Scor-Buddy 3D Papercraft Bundle Scor-Pal 3D Papercraft Bundle
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Here are some tips to give you a headstart and make your 3D Papercraft experience easier and more enjoyable!

We find the following "flow" helpful and is meant to be just a suggestion:

Print - Cut - Score - Scor-Tape - Fold - Assemble

●  When cutting the pieces, you can use scissors to cut around the entire piece quite quickly and leave the triangle areas between the tabs. Then you can use X-Acto knife to cut out the remaining triangle areas. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1

●  When using the Scor-Tape, always place pieces on the “straight” edges instead of the tabs. You can often take a long piece of Scor-Tape and "bend" the Scor-Tape around curves. During taping, ignore all the tabs and just look for the straight edges. (See Figure 2)
Figure 2

●  Score all the "inside" fold lines first and then all the "outside" fold tabs. This will  help you to not forget any of the "inside" ones. (See Figure 3)
Figure 3

●  You can use a black marker to make a line down the middle groove of the board. It will help you to line up all the scores. This will let you easily see the main vertical line you are scoring down onto the piece. (See Figure 4)
Figure 4

●  Before attaching a tab from one piece to another, double check you are sticking it to the exact same number. Once you are sure, all the other tabs will be properly lined up for you to stick together. (See Figure 5)
Figure 5
●  It is a good idea to wash your hands frequently, especially when working with white cardstock. Fingerprints can leave a mark due to the oils in one’s skin.