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Project Name
Instructor / Designer

Bread Box

Dawn Skene

Fold Over Box

Lois Bak

Pencil Box Tutorial

Toni Noggle

Mini Pizza Box

Jen del Muro

Making Boxes Tutorial Part 1

Tracy Harp

Making Boxes Tutorial Part 2

Tracy Harp

3 X 3 Note Card Box

Paula Goff

Big Cupcake Box

Kitty Franken

Bon Bon Box

Kitty Franken

Bread Box

Mary Jo Beth Williams

Christmas Treats Basket

Cambria Turnbow

Coffin Box

Cary Eldred

Cookie Box

Kitty Franken

Star Box

Diana Crick

Favor Box 2-4-6-8

Jen Young

Ferro Roche

Fran Franken

Fish Box

Diana Crick

Haunted Tea Light Holder

Melanie Muechinger

Haunting Treat Box

Teresa Payne

Kisses Kit n' Kaboodle

Rochelle Wick

Lexicon of Love

Leslie Miller

Lunch Pail Box

Kitty Franken

Make A Wish Window Box

Lauren Meader

Maria's Card Box

Maria Bell

Mini Recipe Box

Claudia Rosa

Nestabilities Boxes Circle

Kitty Franken

Nestabilities Boxes Heart

Kitty Franken

One Sheet Box

Beate Johns

Ornament Gift Box

Katie Renz

Peek-a-Boo Treats

Teresa Payne

Piece of Whatever Box

Kitty Franken

Six Pack

Sue Berker

Six Sided Box

Kitty Franken

Soap Box

Kitty Franken

Tiny Take Out Box

Beate Johns

Triangle Box

Carolyn King

Which Way Box

Diana Crick

Window Box

Renée Van Stralen

Wine Tote

Kitty Franken

Round Top Box

Kitty Franken

One Sheet Box

Beate Johns

Poppy Box

Katie Renz

Sticky Note Holder / Gift Box

Bridget Owens

Triangle Boxes

Valerie Stangle

Butterfly Shadow Box

Selma Stevenson

Candy Nugget Boxes

Sue Reynolds