Scor-Pal Eighths

I love the score-pal and its tote. I have used and own other scoring tools, but the one that sits on my stamping desk and gets used EVERY time I stamp is the score-pal. My favorite feature, besides the fact that it just works well and easily, is the little dock for the score-tool.. I never misplace the tool, though I often misplace other things I am using!

I also have the score mat, and find it to be a good working surface. I just wish the back side of the mate were completely non-stick because I have gotten glue on it, and it hasn't been easy to clean completely. Adhesive removers left behind a greasy feeling. I'll be sure to use waxed paper on top of the surface from now on when using glue or my tape gun.

The score-tote is a wonderful way to carry the pal, and my cutting tool as well. It helps to make my stamping a lot more portable! I am really glad I got it.

Kathy Berger, 02/19/2009
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