This may be the very first bone folder I ever owned. I like it. It's comfortable, lightweight, incredibly sturdy, doesn't rip through the paper no matter how hard I dig into my Scor-Pal, and apparently, this is a thing- it doesn't mar paper while making creases! I've had the Scor-Tool for years and years before I decided I needed an adjunct bone folder of a different shape to get into corners to turn them inside out. And that's when I had learned about this shiny cardstock crease business. I had heard of people raving about teflon bone folders and how awesome they are because they don't mark papers while forming creases, and I honestly had no idea what people were talking about. Not until I purchased my second bone folder. Now that one, that one would leave these marks on my paper like I get when I iron my clothes on too high a setting. The Scor-Tool has no such issues. And it's great how it fits perfectly into its own little home on the Scor-Pal and pretty much leaps up at me when I need to use it ;) That little spot on the Scor-Pal which holds the Scor-Tool at the ready is brilliant. I have NEVER misplaced my Scor-Tool. I've since purchased other bone folders, and misplace them all the time, on my table, in the storage container, on my bed- including the teflon models, but this little guy? Never. It is always in its spot on the scoreboard when it's not in hand. And that's why the Scor-Tool will always be a part of my papercrafting arsenal.

Tosa P., 03/06/2019
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