Tape Cutter

I have two of these already and am ordering more today. These are really sweet when going to a crop or cardmaking class. I used it this weekend at a cardmaking class and everyone was jealous. I am going to order enough to give each one one for a Christmas gift. These little gizmos are flimsy but if you are careful with them you will have no problem. I think I have had both mine over a year now with no problems and I use them almost every day. The tape tears cleanly and is very easy to control . I do prefer them with the 1/2" tape over the smaller two sizes. I haven't tried it with 1/4" yet but use it with 1/2 and 3/8 with no problems. And the price is fantastic. Too bad there isn't free shipping for such a small item. Oh well guess I'll have to stock up on more score tape.

Sharon Hemmingsen, 10/11/2015
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